Medication Therapy Management

Prescription Goals for Life

What is a Medication Check-up or Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

Medication Therapy Management, or MTM, describes a broad range of healthcare services provided by pharmacists. These services are growing in demand as the pharmacist becomes more visible as a medication expert and more integrated into the patient care team.

MTM is a broad term that can really mean a lot of things. In our program, pharmacists are

  • Meeting with you by appointment to review your medications
  • Helping patients overcome barriers to adherence
  • Addressing gaps in therapy
  • Educating on medications and disease states
  • Reducing use of unnecessary or potentially harmful therapy
  • Assessing for adverse effects
  • Providing health screenings and tests
  • Advising on preventative measures, such as well-child appointments, immunizations, and appropriate prenatal care     

This valuable program is offered free of charge and is not considered a benefit. There are no additional co-pays or charges to you.

Contact your pharmacist in order to find out how a medication check-up may assist you! Get your appointment right away!

How do I benefit from MTM?

    1. Each medication your doctor prescribes is reviewed by an MTM trained Pharmacist when you have your prescription filled.
    2. This review helps you get the greatest benefit from your medication.
    3. This helps you reduce the risk of harmful side effects.
    4. Your pharmacist can suggest to you and your doctor alternatives that can lower your costs.

 You will receive a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) annually. The CMR usually takes about 30 minutes to complete

 MTM Services may be conducted in person at the member’s local pharmacy or by telephone.

What is my Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)?

A Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) is a consultation with a qualified pharmacist and goes over the following:

  • Why each medication is prescribed and whether any medications are potentially unnecessary.
  • If each medication is effective.
  • If each medication could be causing side effects, worsening other health conditions, or interacting with other medications.
  • If a medication regimen can be made more affordable or simplified (such as fewer pills or a more convenient dosing schedule).

After your CMR has been completed, you will be provided with two documents via the mail:

  • A Medication Action Plan (MAP):

Includes steps you should take to get the best results from your medications.

  • A Personalized Medication Record (PMR):

Helps you keep track of your medications and how to use them properly.

This Program Will Help You Manage Your Medications And Health Conditions:

– Do you take several medications for several different health conditions?
– Do you have any questions about your medications?
– Do you want to know how best to take your medications to get the most from your medications?
– Do you take medications that require close monitoring?
– Do you have any concerns about medication costs?
– Are you finding it difficult to manage your health and your medications?
– Are you having any side effects from your medications?
– Have you been hospitalized recently?
– Would you like to know if you are up-to-date on the recommended vaccines?
– Would you like to have a complete list of the medications you take for your personal use?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from medication therapy management. With this program, our pharmacists will ensure you are getting the most benefit from your medications. In addition, our pharmacists can help you better manage your medications and health conditions, so you can live a healthier life. Make an appointment today for a medication therapy management session with one of our pharmacists.