When the Kids are Away....Medication Safety is our Play

Camp Rx, a division of Adler’s Pharmacy LTC will meet your child’s prescription medication needs while they are away at summer camp! Camp Rx is the newest full-service pharmacy to fulfill all of your camper’s needs. We are privately owned and staffed, dedicated to providing professional, and personalized solutions for our patients, friends, and community. Camp Rx will coordinate with your child’s summer camp for this summer season to provide a more integrative and personalized approach to prescription management for their campers, parents, and staff.

Fee Subscription

A $40.00 annual registration fee for the entire duration of summer camp. This fee is per camper (not per prescription) and does not include insurance copayments. This also does not include over-the-counter (OTC) items or items not covered by insurance.


Camp Rx must receive your child’s registration form at least 30 days before your child’s first day of camp. Prescriptions should be sent as soon as possible, though we understand that some medications may be changing in the weeks leading up to camp, or that your physician may not wish to submit prescriptions too far ahead of their intended date of use. We would request that all prescriptions be sent no later than two weeks before the start of the session. If you anticipate medication or dose changes, please include that detail in the appropriate field on the registration form.

Parent To-Do List:

  1. Complete and submit the Camper Registration Form. Please provide all information requested or your registration may be delayed or not be accepted.
  2. Download and carefully review the Physician Instruction Sheet. We recommend providing this letter to your physician as it contains important information for your physician about how best to send prescriptions to our pharmacy. Physicians able to e-prescribe may transmit prescriptions directly to us electronically. If they are unable to do so, additional methods to send prescriptions are provided in that letter.
  3. Over-the-counter items and prescriptions for non-controlled substances in New Jersey are valid for one calendar year from the written date. These may be sent to us at any time, though the earlier received, the better.
  4. Prescriptions for controlled substances involve several additional quantities and time restrictions. These prescriptions must be written no earlier than June 1st and no later than June 20th, as all controlled substance prescriptions expire 30 days after the written date if not filled. Please contact us if you have any questions about how controlled substances are handled.
  5.  We require that your Physician also submit a prescription for all Non-Prescription, OTC, and Vitamin items (including allergy medications, vitamins, and dietary supplements). This requirement ensures complete accuracy and clear communication between you, your physician, and our pharmacy staff with regard to each item dispensed. Having OTC medications and supplements dispensed pursuant to a prescription creates a documented paper trail for interaction screening and dosage evaluation
  6.  During the month before camp begins, be sure to time your child’s refills so that we will be able to dispense the medication on opening day. For a standard 30 day supply of a given medication, most insurance agencies will allow a refill after approximately 25 days have been consumed. If you refill that medication at home 10 days before camp begins, we will not be able to bill your insurance for an additional 20 days after camp begins, and you may be liable for the full cost of the medication. If necessary, ask your local pharmacist to dispense a short supply of medication before camp to ensure that the refill will be eligible by opening day.

Camp Rx specializes in servicing the pharmaceutical needs of camps nationwide. We offer medication delivered directly to your child’s summer camp prepackaged and clearly labeled with your child’s name and medication information printed directly on the package. Our dedicated staff is experts in handling every aspect of the distribution of each camper’s medication- from enrollment to delivery- all with the personal touch of the pharmacy. All medication is packaged under the direct supervision of our pharmacist. Camp Rx is a service provided by Adler’s Pharmacy LTC of New Jersey.