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Athlete Rx Medications will make you play like a Champion

What is Athlete Rx?

Athlete Rx, a division of Adler’s Pharmacy LTC will meet your student-athletes vitamin and supplemental medication needs.  We are a privately owned and staffed pharmacy dedicated to providing professional, and personalized solutions for athletes.  Athlete Rx is coordinating with coaches, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and nutritionists to provide a more integrative and personalized approach to vitamin and supplement management for the student-athletes.

Athlete Rx specializes in servicing the pharmaceutical needs of student-athletes nationwide. We offer medication delivered directly to your school prepackaged and clearly labeled with your athlete’s name and medication information printed directly on the package. Our dedicated staff are experts in handling every aspect of the distribution of each athlete’s medication- from enrollment to delivery- all with the personal touch of the pharmacy. All medication is packaged under the direct supervision of our pharmacist. Athlete Rx is a service provided by Adler’s Pharmacy LTC of New Jersey.

Fee Subscription

A $5.00 monthly registration fee for each individual athlete. This fee is per athlete (not per prescription) and does not include the price of supplements or insurance payments. What does the registration fee include?  Your registration fee includes the specialty packaging and shipping of a 30 day supply of medication. Medication insurance copays and vitamin/supplement billing are invoiced separately.


How are the medications packaged?

Medications are packaged in a sealed strip package that includes a detailed label with your athlete’s name, date and time to be administered, as well as any special instructions.

Which medications can Athlete Rx dispense?

Athlete Rx is a full-service company that serves a large community of approximately 2000 individuals, so we can obtain and dispense just about any medication currently on the market. Unlike other medication services, we can easily supply items that require special handling, such as NCAA approved vitamins and supplements.  Any medication that is not routinely stocked in our inventory can be ordered and delivered to the university by the following business day.